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 MICC can offer the full range of MI tools to suit your project

ZSUS – MICC Stripper (Small)

Used to strip the sheath of the copper sheathed MI Cable.

Suitable for cables below 0.354” (9mm) diameter.

ZSU-  MICC Stripper (Large)

Used to strip the sheath of the copper sheathed MI Cable.

Suitable for cables over 0.354” (9mm) diameter.

ZSUB – Spare Blades (sold in packs of five)

The tools carried in the average electrician’s kit are usually adequate to carry out effective terminations on MI cables with the exception of crimping the pot closure. However, for efficiency and convenience we offer the following range of purpose designed tools.

ZPM –Pot Wrench 

This tool ensures quick and accurate screwing on of the brass pot and is used in conjunction with the appropriate RGM cable gland. Four sizes are available to cover the range of seals

 To order use reference ZPM + Pot size    


ZDC– Crimping Tool

 The MICC Crimp is a robust long life tool that applies a three point crimping action to the brass pot seal, securely locking the cap into position. It is available for ½” and ¾” seal sizes.

 To order use Ref. ZDC + size of seal.



MICC Ringer

 When using side cutters or a stripping rod to strip the cable sheath, the ringing tool is used to score a light groove around the cable sheath to neatly finish the stripping action.

To order use Ref. ZR.



MICC Straightener

 Designed to assist in the preliminary dressing of cables prior to fixing. The small tool is suitable for cables up to approximately ½”mm diameter. (For larger cables, initial dressing can be carried out with the aid of MICC Benders)

 To order use Ref. ZBS3 or ZBS5.


MICC Bending Levers

MICC Cable can normally be bent by hand, but to assist in the symmetry of multiple

bends on large installations or where the heaviest cables are involved, bending levers can save time.

Two sizes are available.

For cable diameters between 0.629” (16mm) and 1” (25.4mm) order Ref. ZBLB.

For cable diameters between 0.394” (10mm) and 0.629” (16mm) order Ref. ZBLA.

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